Essay on Why Totalitarianism Is Totally A Bad Idea

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Why Totalitarianism is Totally a Bad Idea Totalitarianism can be explained as a world that is far from the average and turned completely upside down. In a world ran by totalitarian governments, scary and abnormal is what is considered normal. Humans under these circumstances are separated from their common sense that helps them differentiate between truth and fiction as well as strips them from their own curiosity (Roviello 923).
Totalitarian propaganda consist of lies. But instead of true lies, these lies are more factual. Their propaganda is too obvious, and because of this, it is ineffective. They do this to cloud the judgment of the citizens under their rule (Roviello 924). Solidarity and communication bonds are splintered and then replaced by distrust. As a result, the cohesion of human bondage are broken because the desire to be involved with others is corrupted (Roviello 925).
Totalitarian violence is “expressed much more frighteningly in the organization of its followers than in the physical liquidation of its opponents” (Roviello 923). Violence that takes place under totalitarian government can be done by the individual to himself, against another individual, or both at the same time. (Roviello 927). Not talking about the acts that take place under any totalitarian government destroys the horrible personalities of the people who inflicted the acts, as well as their assistants and the victims themselves. The organization of totalitarianism cripples the freedom of…

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