Why The Unsinkable Ship Sinking Essay

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Why the unsinkable ship sank
Why did the Titanic sink, why didn 't the captain avoid the iceberg? Warnings of icebergs from surrounding ships were ignored.The ship was supposed to be unsinkable. The builders of the Titanic constructed it to be indestructible, so it was named the unsinkable ship; after a couple nights at sea crew members ignored the multiple warnings of icebergs, and as a result the unsinkable ship sank.
In Belfast, Ireland the Titanic was being constructed by the White Star Line in 1909-1911. From the start, this ship was meant to be a ship of luxury.There was thirteen honeymoon couples on the Titanic. The unsinkable ship was 882 ft, 9 in long, and 92 ft wide. After 2 years of construction 2,200 people boarded the Titanic. ( Lynch, Don.) Since it only took 2 years to build the ship, it is possible that it was done poorly. Crew members were in a hurry to finish the ship and could have used cheap metal to get done faster. The metal may not have been able to handle to frigid 28 degree temperature of the water. This could be why the side buckled so easily when it hit the iceberg, allowing water to pour in. The Titanic was originally supposed to have 48 lifeboats, but it only had 20 aboard the ship. (pg 23)
Captain Edward J. Smith steared the Titanic out of Southampton, England on April 10, 1912. (pg 25, 35) Multiple warnings of icebergs were sent out to the ship. Captain Edward J. Smith had confidence that the Titanic would make it through anything, so they…

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