Why The Thunder Was So Loud Essay

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The rain continued to fall and lightning would light up the sky. Thunder boomed and rattled the playground. I always found thunder strangely comforting. When I was younger, I used to have all different theories on why the thunder was so loud. I used to say that the God 's went bowling. When it rained, I said the angels were crying. When the sun would come back out and it 's rays would be distinct, I used to think someone died and their soul was being carried up to heaven. I think little kids always make up stories for things they can 't explain. Adults, too. We all do. It 's funny isn 't it? I used to be this great little child. Look at me now. I 've run away from home with no destination in mind. I 've abandoned all things that were a part of me. Well, maybe not entirely. I will always remember where I have come from. Just another reminder of why I will never ever turn back. Just another reminder for me to get as far away from my old home as I could. I let the rain and thunder 's melody sing me to sleep. Oh what a lovely sleep it was.

I awoke to shouting and screaming. My hair stuck to me in the humidity. The air outside was thick and it was hard to breathe. It was rich with fog and the haze made it impossible to see anything that wasn 't right in front of you.

Then my life changed.

I peered out between the windows of the jungle gym 's tunnel. I could make out four boys. No maybe five. It was all a little vague. It was all a little hazy… "What the fuck, bro?…

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