Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And Poor Poorer Essay

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To be a Symbolic Analyst In the book by Jacobus, A World of Ideas, Robert Reich writes the article, Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer, and he uses a metaphor to describe the three economic groups that are now in different boats. He compares how the routine producers’ boats and the in-person servers boats are sinking while the symbolic analyst is rising. He also discusses how immigration,and technology competes for the job of routine producers and in-person servers.Robert Reich is correct about the fact that the symbolic analysts have the potential to become wealthy and it is expected for them to have high level education and job experience: for example, being a student or a tutor is considered as an in-person servers but taking higher education, such as nursing, will make them be identified as a symbolic analyst. Symbolic analysts create ideas, identify and solve problems which makes them wealthy. Compared to the other groups, the routine producers and the in-person servers, symbolic analysts make more money because of the ideas they are selling.This is main reason why symbolic analysts’ boat is rising compared to the other groups. Reich claims that they sell their discoveries to global enterprise webs. For example, according to Reich, architect and engineers design buildings and roads, which they sell in big cities. They issues designs and blueprints for museums, art galleries, hotels, houses, shopping malls and any other buildings. They sold their…

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