Increasing Minimum Wage Essay

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A major controversial topic in the United States currently is that the minimum wage is currently too low. Many protestors argue that families are not able to survive on it if one or both parents work minimum wage jobs. One side suggests that the minimum wage should be more than doubled to fifteen dollars an hour so that families would be able to provide for themselves and possibly even enjoy life. The other viewpoint of the argument is that the current minimum wage should stay the same as it is. Many business owners argue this case because they are not want to have to pay all of their employees more than double the normal rate. The current minimum wage in the United States is seven dollars and twenty-five cents. You can see that is neither high nor low when comparing to other countries minimum wages. “Currently Australia has the highest at over sixteen dollars per hour but …show more content…
The one main point that is not seen is that a benefit of raising the minimum wage would in turn bring half the lower class into the middle class. A majority of businesses focus on the bad sides of things when trying new ideas in their companies. Almost with all good things something bad happens so one can’t expect everything to become perfect when changing a huge part of society. A CBO report shows full proof of that, “An increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 would lift 900,000 people out of poverty (Case 2).” The majority of those 900,000, if not all, probably only go to the store on a need to basis. If the United States was to raise the minimum wage, those 900,000 people would be more wealthy and able to spend more money. Sure, businesses can become frustrated with this idea but in the long run the extra money they spend on employees will just come right back because they will be able to go to the store more often. Kai Filion, a policy analyst has a good argument for this

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