Essay about Why The Compassion Gap Is Problematic

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1. Explain why the compassion gap is problematic. From your perspective, what needs to happen to eliminate the compassion gap?

There are a plethora of laws in effect that state one cannot be discriminated against for various reasons. However, there are many subtle forms of discrimination that exist even today. In my opinion, discrimination is one of the driving forces responsible for those living in poverty. Subtle forms of discrimination, particularly racism, continues to allow further injustice for those who are oppressed, those who are most vulnerable, and those who suffer from multiple forms of humiliation on a daily basis due to living in poverty.

The compassion gap is defined as “a deep divide between our moral commitment and how we actually treat those in poverty” (Block, Korteweg, & Woodward , 2006). It is problematic because although we as a society have a moral commitment to care for those who are most vulnerable being the elderly, children, and the disabled, we continue to turn our backs on them and their situations when they need us the most. The populations I described above make up a great majority of those living in poverty, and look how they are being treated from cuts in social security to cuts in state and federal funding for places such as my place of employment, which provides services to child abuse survivors.

In order to eliminate the compassion gap, society as a whole must first have “real” compassion for those living in poverty. This is…

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