Essay about Why Texas State Is Considered For Being A Diverse University

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Texas State is widely known for being a diverse university. It is a place where students

are encouraged to be themselves. College itself is supposed to be a time of independence and

individuality. Looking around campus, however, it seems that many students are more

interested in conforming than being individuals. Many choose to wear what’s “in style” or what

everyone else is wearing. Most students seem to believe that as long as they are like everyone

else, they will fit in. Society has taught us that the popular items, looks and styles are more

important than things that make us unique and special.

Vicarious living, according to Kendall, states that we watch other individuals live rather

that experiencing life for ourselves. This is common in universities, and our society in general,

because many of us tend to watch others and wish we had what they have. We are often so

caught up in wishing that we fail to appreciate what we do have. This can also reinforce one of

Mantsios’ ideas that classlessness in American society is a myth. People often want more stuff

to improve their class standing, but if we are a classless society, the idea of moving up the

ladder because we have the best stuff makes no sense.

Kendall also mentions unnecessary consumerism. This is very common in our country. It

would be safe to say that many of us have purchased something at least once that we simply

did not need. We might have purchased it to make ourselves look…

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