Essay on Why Students Should Not Be Heard By High School Students

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Aristotle once wrote, ¨educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all¨. Aristotle’s message is intended to be heard by high school students because it is important that our education system is created to benefit students. Students wanting to succeed and learn are more likely to achieve higher grades than students who slip into bad study habits and are not engaged in the classroom (Haynes and Berkowitz 1). In today’s society, many students are not becoming educated in an ethical manner and do not demonstrate the ability to lead. These core principles are propelling students to achieve success and are important to the development of an individual student. Therefore, our educators must ensure that they are successfully preparing young people for the workforce with the curriculum and information that they are teaching.

Our current education system has created a way for high schools students to become disengaged because they are not learning relevant information that will become beneficial once they enter the workforce. Instead students are learning empty memory skills which teach them how to pass standardized tests (peha 1). With that being said, educators are hesitant to make changes to the curriculum due to the fact that our current system of teaching is approved by the government and has remained unchanged for more than a decade. If we do not make changes, however, student test scores will continue to decline as we create a new generation that does not…

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