Why Smoking Is A Public Health Issue Essay

754 Words Nov 21st, 2016 4 Pages
We know that big tobacco and smoking related illnesses have contributed to countless deaths through our country. Special interest and big tobacco profited off the loss of lives, leading to many to take legal action against tobacco manufacturers. On the heels of the historic Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), we are now facing a new smoking trend: e-cigarettes. Right now, California’s Proposition 56, a ballot measure to tax e-cigarettes, is up for a vote, and the same special interest that supported big tobacco has set their sights killing the measure. If passed, the measure tax e-cigarettes just like other tobacco products.
Our organization, the American Cancer Society (ACS), is dedicated to the fight against smoking and smoking illness. We’ve set forth initiatives through education and advocacy to offering tools overcome their addiction. Because smoking is a public health issue, the society cancer action network supported similar measures in other states to curtail tobacco use, primarily among in young adults. Our research showed that a $1-per-pack cigarette tax increase would reduce the number of smokers by the thousands in every state. In a large state like California, the tobacco tax increase would result in 130,000 fewer adult smokers. If the measure passes, our projections indicate that the number above will rise.
The marketing of e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes is misleading. The special interests and big tobacco have argued that…

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