Why Police Killings Of Unarmed African American Citizens Essay

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Why Police Killings of Unarmed African American Citizens Are Increasing
Police officers in America kill hundreds of persons each year. They may be all for different reasons but there has been a recent trend of killing unarmed African American citizens. African American citizens meaning men, women and children. One of the most controversial cases was African American teenager eighteen-year-old Micheal Brown, who was killed by police officer on August 9th,2014. There were several shots fired by the officer, while Brown was allegedly facing him with his hands raised in a sign of submission, resulting in Brown falling face-down to the ground, dying from his wounds, some 20-30 feet away from the site of the initial struggle. It was later determined that Brown was unarmed (Wilson,2015). The increase of police killings against unarmed African American men have become a quite common but disturbing story. Some factors of the increase can be the lack of justice, use of proper training procedures and, racial bias.
When police officers kill unarmed African American citizens there is a lack of justice for their misconduct. Most times police officers are placed on paid administration leave and they’re never brought to justice for what they’ve done. For instance, in the article “The Micheal Brown Legacy: Police Brutality and Minority Prosecution” it stated that “the St. Louis county prosecutor announced that the Ferguson grand jury decided not in indict Officer Wilson.” How can this seem…

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