Why People Thought Negatively Of The American Public Essay example

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McLaughlin 3reality, which is why people thought negatively of her. In conclusion, Chopin presents a valuablelesson to the American public. Another author that creates an important lesson for the American people is London who wrote the short story “To Build a Fire”. Jack London creates a theme of persevering and survivalskills. A literary critic, Laurie Harris, agrees with London’s theme. She states, ““To Build a Fire” epitomizes the brisk story of individual struggle against natural forces of which London is an undisputed master. Through the detached voice of an omniscient narrator, London portrays theidiocy and ineptitude of one man, who represents the antithesis of the elemental world that faithfully rewards native instinct but is indifferent to human inadequacies. Sharp imagery and ironic verbal repetition contribute to the story 's relentlessly pessimistic tone and carefully wrought progression. Here, as in much of London 's work, the raw power of nature underscores the relative insignificance of humanity” (Harris 3). London adds an element of suspense to the story by having the man struggle and question his survival. In addition, Karen Rhodes poses an idea that “To Build a Fire” was written after a personal experience. Rhodes proclaims, London’s story, “To Build a Fire” came about after a first-hand experience. It gives a clear and realistic description of actual freezing experience. However, London’s story possess’ life and death suspense (Rhodes 8).…

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