Essay Why People Don 't Help A Crisis

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Most of us think of ourselves as decent, helpful people. We wouldn’t turn our backs on someone in need of help, or would we? Bystanders are people who witness rapes, robberies, car wrecks, etc., and don’t take action to help; a large portion of society today are bystanders and don’t even realize it. In the essay, “Why People Don’t Help in a Crisis,” author John M. Darley states, “How can so many people watch another human being in distress and do nothing? Why don’t they help?” (13-14) Reactions to a crisis or traumatic event vary from person to person. People fail to help in a crisis situation because they are afraid more damage will be caused, some do not want to be involved, and some people don’t help because they aren’t thinking clearly. Fear plays a major role in why people don’t help in a crisis. Often bystanders witness incidents everyday and fail to help because they are afraid more damage will be caused. When we witness a problem and an event is noticed, a person has to decide if it is really an emergency. People over look injured people because they are uneducated on how to assist someone who needs help. Darley Stated, “notice that something is happening, interpret that event is an emergency; and decide that he has personal responsibility for intervention.” (paragraph 9) Accidental death happens everyday because a person that witnesses an emergency, personally intervenes and takes it upon his or herself to do something about it. However, some people assume help,…

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