Why Are People Hungry In America Essay

People aren’t hungry because of food shortage but because of poverty. People always worry because of when someone gets something free. This is why people are so wrong in their way of thinking. They believe that people who are in welfare want to be in that situation but our society is so messed up when it comes to those things, just because a person is getting help from the government then it must be awesome to receive help. This is when people start to find aid in the government when actually the government will only help onto one point.
People in America are hungry because even though we are the richest country in the United States we are the most poor in sending help to others. People in America are poor because the government doesn’t give companies the opportunity to help others that don’t have to eat. If the government was courteous enough they wouldn’t make companies pay taxes if they were to donate any type of food to the hungry or charity. It is very costly for a company to pay people to package the food and pay the workers and pay the shipping cost. This is why companies prefer to throw the food away because it is cheaper. People in America are poor mainly because they get help for the government even though they don’t want to be in welfare, but because they start working they still
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In other words in Canada the minimum wage pay is 10 dollars and 25 cents which is three dollars more than it is in the United States a lot even though you might think it is not that much it is when you get paid. In Canada if you are under the age of 18 you do not have to give taxes out of your pay check, and if you are older than 18 and getting paid minimum wage they are only deducting 60 dollars out of each pay check if you work part time. Canadian people get paid much more than us and yet they get free education, insurance, and vacation time off their job and better

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