Why Men And Women Should Not Play Sports Together Essay example

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I believe that men and women should not play sports together. Every person has had a time in their life when they had an argument about which gender is better. On a playground in grade school every child has been in an argument saying “boys and girls drool” or vice versa. In this day and age those same kids have grown up and women have gain equal rights with men which they deserve. There’s an argument saying that men and women should be playing sports together as well. However, there are a lot of people in this world that are for and against this idea.
I’m a student at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville campus and I’m enrolled in a freshman Comp I class. I will be gathering my data through surveys and observations that I have made throughout many weeks. I have observed two different high school basketball teams from two different schools. The first team I observed would be the Scranton Lady Rocket of Scranton Arkansas. The second team that I observed would be the Subiaco Academy Trojans. I took active notes throughout each entire practice that I took part in. I also went back at a later time and wrote about my descriptions. I also observed players down at the Hyper building multiple times. The Hyper building is a recreational building on the University of Arkansas campus that allows students to get exercise and compete through intermural teams.
On average men are more athletic according to 87% of people who answered my survey. (Survey Monkey). Men outweigh women by an…

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