Why Maria Has Difficulties Using The Same Mental Set Essay

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Before discussing reasons as to why Maria has difficulties using the same mental set to help her with a foreign language, it is important to explain what a mental set is. A mental set is an approach used in problem solving that relies on things that have worked in the past. While a mental set may work just fine for one language, it does not necessarily work well for another. There are a variety of reasons why Maria’s mental set did not translate well into another language.
First of all, there are vast differences in grammar between languages. If she was relying on a mental set that told her how to form sentences in English, she could be forming completely incorrect sentences in another language. For example, the sentence structure of German places the verb at the end, rather than before direct object. If Maria were to use her mental set that she based off of English, a sentence in German would be completely backwards.
Also, vocabulary differs significantly among language. For example, in English, the words “for” and “four” sound exactly the same, yet they have completely different meanings. If Maria made the assumption that the word for “for” meant “four” in another language, she would be incorrect. It is possible that her mental set is preventing her from understanding that languages vary significantly.
In conclusion, vocabulary and grammar differ from language to language, and shortcuts in one do not necessarily work in another. A mental set for the English language might…

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