Why It Is Important For A Leader Of An Early Childhood Education Small Business

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In reality, public policy issues are all around us. As a matter of fact, they are publicized in social media, magazines, legal documents, newspapers, and on the internet. Nevertheless, there is not a business or organization that can operate without associating with public policy. Equally important, every business owner and organization should study public policy and understand its processes. According to Kraft and Furlong (2013), “public policy is a course of government action or inaction in response to public problems. It is associated with formally approved policy goals and means, as well as the regulations and practices of agencies that implement programs” (p. 2).
This paper will examine why it is important for a leader of an early childhood education small business to study public policy and understand its processes. Operating an early childhood education small business are gratifying, challenging and a great opportunity to serve the public. However, every successful small business owners must be aware that governments have a profound outcome on how small firms operate and on their options for growth (Bennett, 2014). The way businesses (including small businesses) operate is determined by the State’s politics and economic policies; therefore, to acquire economic growth, small businesses and good government policies must develop a healthy entrepreneurial climate (Siow, 2011).
Public policy in early childhood education started under President Johnson’s…

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