Why Is Saddam Hussein A Dictator Of Iraq?

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Register to read the introduction… Saddam killed members of the opposition to unify Iraq under his rule. And, as sickening as that sounds, it is a valid point. All references to history are now null and void. Saddam did what he did to for his own purpose. Yes, he did have a lot of power, because he killed many people that stood in his way. Yes, I do believe that dictatorship is wrong and very controlling, but that is not the United States concern. I do not believe that he would try to conquer other countries with his dictatorship. He was just trying to control his oil. He was merely trying to protect his country from terrorist. Why did we even attack Iraq? We were supposed to be attack Afghanistan, because of the terrorist attack on the twin towers, but instead we ended up attacking Iraq without the United Nations consent. President Bush recently said in his inauguration speech that all countries some have a democracy and he would do whatever it takes for those countries to become democracies. This is not for President Bush to decide, he needs to take care of the U.S. before handling problems elsewhere. I truly believe that Iran is a bigger threat to us than Iraq. Some believe the only reason why we are attacking Iraq is the oil. I truly believe that President Bush certainly wants to control their oil production, because his families’ business is in oil production. I truly believe that President Bush is a bigger threat, than Hussein, because of his bad leadership skills. He did not think about his actions before acting upon them. People are losing their lives each day, because of the unnecessary war. I truly believe that the administration has lied to us about information relating to Iraq, Hussein, and Bin Laden. We need to watch out, because other countries are build nuclear weapons and could possibly attack us in the future. I truly believe that we need to the Iraq

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