Why Is Marcus Brutus A Tragic Hero

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The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus
The name of this play is “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” but maybe is should be called “The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus.” In this play Julius Caesar, the leader of Rome, is faced with a problem when a group of people try and take his power. The whole play focuses around Caesar and his leadership to Rome but some of his people do not like how he rules and try to do something about it, but think a little deeper into the play and you will realize that the true tragic hero is Marcus Brutus. Marcus Brutus is part of the senate and he is a good man, but he undergoes a catastrophe and is considered to be the tragic hero of the play. The idea of the tragic hero is that Brutus wants to be a noble and good man but he finds himself
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Marcus Brutus is a noble by the fact that his ancestor is Junius Brutus. Junius Brutus is Marcus Brutus’ father. He overthrew the tyrannical control on Rome, he led the revolt that overthrew the last king of Rome. He also is considered noble because he was the founder of the Roman Republic. “ O, you and I have heard our fathers say, There was a Brutus once that would have brooked Th’ eternal devil to keep his state in Rome As easily as a king” (I.ii. 158-161). In this play Marcus Brutus suffers a catastrophe, even though Julius Caesar is the one who is killed, Marcus Brutus is manipulated by the conspirators. They want him to join them because they know he is an honorable man and they need an honorable man to execute their plan so that the people of Rome think that what they did was through the act of Brutus. The only way that they can make such an honorable man commit an act of violence is make him …show more content…
Not everything he did for a reason had a good outcome. Some of the things he did had a negative outcome like letting antony live caused a war between Marcus Brutus and Caius Cassius against Octavius and Marc Antony. Another bad choice was leaving portia behind, that led to her killing herself. Or letting Antony speak at the funeral, which Antony told the people of Rome about the conspirators and what they did. But Marcus Brutus killed Julius Caesar because he wanted a democracy in Rome. Even though he killed Caesar, in the end Brutus had Strato hold his sword so he could jump into it. Later Octavius became the emperor and made Rome into a monarchy and there was no

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