Essay on Why Is It So Important For Study Gerontology?

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Why is it so important to study gerontology? To answer this question, we must first decipher what gerontology is. According to the text gerontology is the study of the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging, (Hooyman et al 2). There are a variety of job fields that partake in researching, teaching, and/or practicing gerontology. Some of these job titles include medicine, dentistry, social work, economics, biology, urban planning, policy studies, and many others. For the next several decades, there will continue to be a rapid growth of people reaching the older ages. Although it may seem like an insignificant thing, the study of human aging greatly affects our society. Patricia L. Sawyer, Ph.D., UAB associate professor and director of the UAB Gerontology Education Program, stated, “Gerontology has relevance to every individual of any age.” (Gerontology Education- Why It’s Important). As a young person, studying the idea of aging is not one that I find necessarily exciting. However, one day, I will be a part of the ‘old’ community. By becoming educated now about gerontology can help benefit our lives. The first way it benefits people is by providing them with an understanding about what is involved in aging and gives them a life plan for their own aging. By grasping an understanding, we help to bridge the gap between the young and the old. Stereotypes are broken down and communication strengthens. The second way in which gerontology benefits society is that…

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