Why Is Immigration Bad

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I believe that Immigration is bad, and that we should not let foreigners into our country that we have fought for. America is a land of opportunity, but if there is no control over immigration it will no longer be the land of opportunity (“Are Immigrants Bad?”) I think that immigration is bad for this country. I believe it is bad for this country because of what the text said. America has over a million legal immigrants a year, with a majority of them looking for scarce job opportunities, battling the americans. The result of this is a wage depression (“More Immigration is bad.”) Wage depression is when more people get jobs, and the wage goes down because there are more people that have to get paid. This resulting in people getting less money …show more content…
The surge in immigrants is overwhelming many border counties, especially states that already have a small budget. This means that counties on the border are getting overrun with immigrants fresh from the border that might not have anywhere else to go (“Are Immigrants bad.”) Now there was an article i read that said immigrants coming in is good for the economy, letting more people work and have a family. I still don't agree with that statement because of what I have read in articles. I still don't agree that immigration is good for the economy, because of this statement. Most immigrants come for jobs, which can improve the economy. But it also affects the lives of people already working (“Immigration good or bad?”) This statement means that if immigrants come to work, they could push out the other workers that were there first. I have seen this happen many time in my moms work and my dads. Someone new that just came from the border looking for a job pushed out another worker for his position getting him laid off. I think that that was very unfair for the person already working. I believe that immigration is bad and is not good for the economy or america. I believe this because of all the articles I have read, and from all the opinions I have heard from my classmates. These pieces of information should be enough to tell you that immigration is

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