Why Is Cahokia Important

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Cahokia Mounds
Thousands of years ago, known as the Mississippians today, begin to settle down. The built houses, burial mounds, ritual mounds and the center or all mound were called Cahokia. For their daily nutritional requirement, they used different resources. As earlier people, they grew squash, sunflower, wild berries and many other seed bearing plants, but the main fuel for their enterprise was agriculture. They started growing corn. As the corn grew well here and it could be stored for longer time, it became an important food. They could grow enough corn for their present need and store for next year to use in shortage of food. Due to this reason, many people did not farm. Instead, they started exchanging items with or for food. Being the center of the mound, Cahokia was vast, wealthy, well secured. Ceremonies and games were held. They even created a unique sun calendar. There were several big mounds. However, the highest mound was for chief. His wealth unmeasurable, his wisdom unquestionable. Cahokia was a busy place. Some did trade, some did hunting, some did farming and some created important materials and sell for their daily expenses as well as living.
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As the population grew, the complexity grew as well. One family could grow and fulfill needs of their family, but the situation was so bad that they had to trade even to survive. Each day was a challenge to the mind and body. Mississippian people had their own myths and beliefs. They used to plant a seed in the grave of dead people. They said “Death follows life and life follows death.” It’s a cycle never ending. No one knew what was the reason for the decline of Cahokia. Several theories came ahead for the depletion of Cahokia. Poor nutrition, climate change, internal clash or even authority conflict were main theories. However, one thing is sure, the end came

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