Why I Want To National Honor Society

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This membership would mean a lot to me in many different ways. I would love to get into National Honor Society to make my family proud. It would mean the world if I got in. My family takes pride into these kind of things, they think it’s the best thing that I was even considered into National Honor Society. I am the oldest sibling and I want to be able to set a good example for my younger siblings. I know it’s hard getting into this organization, but, I am willing to try. I’m one of the few of my family members being lucky enough to go to school. I want to set a good example for my family and make all their sacrifices worth it. There’s not a lot of people like me that get considered into these kinds of organizations so when I have an opportunity …show more content…
I am trying to get into this organization for me. It would make me feel proud of being able to say, “hey, did you know I’m in National Honor Society?”. I want to feel proud of trying out for this society. It would make me feel smart that I was able to get in. It would be another reason for me to try harder in school and to focus on my goal of one day going to my desired college. I also would love to help out with important National Honor Society philanthropies at Shawnee Mission West. I want to try and help out anyway I can at our school. I also would like to be more involved in our school. I would also love to be the face of National Honor Society, I know there’s a responsibility and rules with being in National Honor Society and I am more the willing to take it. It would also mean a lot to me being able to do community service with my peers. I love doing community service when I have the chance to, I’ve done community service with my church and I have also done some with Shawnee Mission West. In the end I know that National Honor Society is very exclusive and a high honor and it would mean a lot to me if I got in. I would love to contribute to this organization with my school and peers and make a difference in this community together. It would mean everything if I could help my community out with my

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