Why I Want To Be A Posthuman When I Grow Up Analysis

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Nick Bostrom’s essay Why I want to be a Posthuman When I Grow Up discusses some of the aspects of being posthuman. Bostrom defines the term posthuman to mean “as a being that at least one posthuman capacity”. Throughout this essay Bostrom discusses three general capacities: health span, cognition, and emotion. He addresses two things in his essay, the first is that some posthuman modes are good, not all. Second, that being posthuman may be good for us. Bostrom focuses on certain aspects of posthumanity and the objections some have about posthumanity. Bostrom paints this picture of what it would be like if someone possessed posthuman health span, cognitive, and emotion capacities. He describes this posthuman beings as balanced feeling stronger, and living a long life span while still maintaining a youthful look. This person is also able to recall and retain information, understand difficult material, and make connection that you were not able to see before. Your mind is able to see things more clearly and expand your thoughts to something more. Emotionally, you are able to treasure the world around you, you …show more content…
It is hard to get a read on how he truly feels about humanity. He describes the flaws and challenges of human beings, but he does not seem to boast about all the accomplishment that humanity has had. He does not say it in a way that can describe humanity as complicated but overall good (or something positive). Though it is clear he does not want technology to be a part of humanity, is it clear if he is really fighting for humanism or is his disdain for technology is so strong he would place humanism (though valid in some ways) in the middle? Although my comments may not be valid because as I considered Wieseltier’s attitude of humanism is unclear, I am also unclear on the overall message in this article. What Wieseltier was truly trying to

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