Why I Don 't Really Remember Learning Essay

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I don’t really remember learning how to read. I remember my brother reading a lot, I use to watch him open books and read them. I remember he was always big on speeches too. I started reading Dora because I really liked the show then from there I eventually moved on to Eloise. I loved reading about Eloise. Reading, at the time I began, it was for fun. As I began to grow I realized how much reading meant to the world. Reading opened doors to everything, from imagination to learning to words to being able to apply new ideas to my everyday life. My parents were never really a big influence in my reading life, my dad has always been about math. So I learned percents before ever actually picking up a book. As time passed I learned more and more about words and what reading means. My brother was one of the biggest impacts I had when trying to learn how to read. He introduced me to Harry Potter and StarWars. I wasn’t into them at first, I thought they were weird books and nothing important came out of them. After the seventh book came out, I remember my brother getting it as soon as he could. He stood in line for hours to get his hands on that one book. I finally read the first one after a couple of months. I fell in love with the story and I finished the whole series in a week. I would get yelled at for staying up till 3 am reading the book. After I finished Harry Potter he handed me the DVD’s to watch. Of course they weren’t as good, but they were still amazing movies. StarWars…

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