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For as long as I can remember, during elementary school, I had a difficult time in both reading and writing. I truly believe my reading and writing teachers, were the reason why I feared those two subjects. During elementary school I was pretty much forced to read and write, never really given an option to explore my reading preferences. In most of my writing classes I would be very quiet, never eager to volunteer and especially never wanting to participate. Not knowing that the most important way to become a good writer was to read. I also found that reading out loud would eventually build my confidence, allowing me to participate more in class. For most school’s elementary students have the same teacher all day long teaching every subject, …show more content…
As Mr. Benequista walks in he looks at the class and already looks like he is the nicest teacher, giving all of us eye contact and a welcoming ear-to-ear smile. He starts off by telling us about his lovely family introducing himself; being a new teacher to the school he is very by the book but also very understanding. I finally thought to my self I would enjoy this class, do all my work hoping I finally learn something in writing. Throughout the school year the book I remember reading in class was Of Mice of Men by John Steinbeck, Mr. Benequista would read with us making the best impression of Lennie, one of the main characters in the book, in class and after every chapter he would make us write what we had read and understood. Writing every week about what I read actually helped me remember, I would jot down notes on a posted note. When it was time for the test I was sick to my stomach, couldn’t sit still, reading the first question and answering as fast as I did made me confident. After so long of not wanting to read I started going to the library and just picking up books to

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