Why I Don 't Do You Think That? Essay

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Yesterday, Kennedy was having a hard time focusing in your class. She was not paying attention, would not complete her work, and when you call on her to answer a question she even stated, “I don’t even want to be here today.” Later that day you attempted to call Kennedy’s parents, however the number was disconnected. Kennedy comes into your class today with the same demeanor. At the end class you pull Kennedy aside and ask her if there is something she would like to talk about. Kennedy responds, “I don’t feel comfortable talking to you because I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.”
1. What does this make you think? Why do you think that?
2. How would you approach this situation?
It is important for students to feel comfortable and be able to tell me problems they might be experiencing. Kennedy is reluctant to tell me what is bothering her because does not think that I will be able to understand the problems she might be experiencing at home. She is also unable to focus in class, which affects her schoolwork. Because of this, it is my responsibility to help her. However, I will not be able to help her if I am unaware of the difficulties she is facing. Therefore, I will try my best to convince her to tell me the problem by insuring her that I will be able to understand and possibly find a solution for the issue. I also believe that having a strong relationship with my students can help me a person they can reach out to when they are faced with obstacles.

At the end of…

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