Why I Don 't Do You Need Help Packing? Essay

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We returned from Stonehenge and spent the rest of the day strolling around Salisbury. We had an early dinner and now we needed to deal with getting our bags packed up. We were leaving tomorrow morning for Italy. I kneeled on the floor in front of my large suitcase, folding items and putting them into it.
"Annalisa, do you need help packing?" David asked.
"Ummm, no, I 'm good. I don 't have to make any decisions; I just have to get everything in."
"I 'm going to step out for a minute," Charlie said, stepping past me to retrieve his jacket.
"Where are you going now?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.
"I just want to run into a store and get something."
As usual, I knew he was up to something, but I let it go at that.
I kissed him, and he went out promising to be back soon.
I continued to finish up my packing, humming while I did so.
"What are you humming?" David asked.
I smiled. I was humming goddamn "Cheer Up Charlie." It had been stuck in my head all day.
"Oh, it 's a song from a movie. Sorry, it 's stuck in my head."
"It sounds familiar, but I can 't place it."
"It 's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," I said and cringed, knowing that would seem silly to him.
David smiled at me and asked, "How did you manage to get that stuck in your head?"
"Charlie sang it to me and now it 's stuck in my head."
"Oh well, now that makes perfect sense," David said, still smiling.
I stifled my humming and finished packing up all of my belongings.
I walked around making sure I…

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