Why I Chose A Low Ses Essay

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The reason why I chose a low SES is because there are a lot of individuals in my community that are from this culture. I wanted to know what obstacles these individuals face on a daily basis. Although I acknowledge that my community has a lot of low socioeconomic status individuals, I have not actively volunteered or interacted with an organization that offers aid to this culture. For that reason, I decided to volunteer at Rust Street Ministries.
Rust Street Ministries opened in 1996, with a goal to “reach out to as many families as possible by helping with food, clothes, furniture, etc. and spreading the word of Jesus” (E. Teagarden, personal communication, October 30, 2015). A minimum of 50 families a day comes to Rust Street for support. Predominately, they serve low socioeconomic families that range from a household of three to six (E. Teagarden, personal communication, October 30, 2015). Throughout the time I was there, I was able to take part in the interview process, help bag food items, interacted with the neighbors by helping them pick out clothes, and checked them out when they were done. Rust Street provides free assistance to the majority of low socioeconomic status families in the Concho Valley.
Food Assistance
During the interview process, the most frequently requested item was food. Living in a low socioeconomic status, one of the main characteristics is food insecurity. Soup kitchens, food pantries, and Federal programs such as Supplemental Nutrition…

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