Essay on Why I Am A Physician

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When I first began this application, I was unsure how to respond to the question. I have always desire apply myself and become a physician I understand the benefice and the pitfalls the wide range of my academic and professional experience. However, to be an asset in the medical profession requires more than clinical and academic experience which I have both in abundance. Also the qualities that define you as an individual.
In the process of applying for undergraduate education, consideration for schools in Europe was there. Yet, but due to lack of accessibility of information and hesitation on my part on the capability to not only thrive and succeed in this new environment. Deficient knowledge and familiarity due to never having traveled to Europe made the move daunting. Thus, I limited my application to schools in The States. Following the completion of the undergraduate program in BA Chemistry and BS in Biological Chemistry, the opportunity will arise to tour Europe for the duration of a month and a half. Visiting the mainland and the surrounding island, the time spent in Dublin, Galway, and County Claire left a significant impression. The people, culture, and scenery (but not the rain) made me feel at home. Prompting a search for medical school program in Ireland.
Growing up in a bi-cultural multi lingual family, I had numerous exposure and experience of merging my heritage culture to my adoptive one. My parents encouraged and emphasized the important of learning and…

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