Essay on Why Faustus Was Not Repent

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Is repentance really repentance if the only thing you are sorry for is the consequences? In this essay I will explain why Faustus could not repent. Beg as he might, God did not show mercy to Faustus because he was not truly repentant. He lived his entire life out with happiness for his sins, and it was only when the harsh reality of what his deal with the devil would bring him, did he show signs of unhappiness with his choice. Not unhappiness because he sinned and did not honor God with his life, but rather that he did not get to continue playing as if he were a god. I will give two reasons as to why Faustus could not truly repent. The first reason Faustus could not repent is because he was so fixated on his search for vast power and knowledge that he would be willing to take himself all the way to hell to gain it. He did not think that he could gain any more knowledge or power from conventional book and pencil manners. I have noticed that when it comes to people, we often say one thing and mean another. Humans are willing to agree to anything to get something that we desperately desire, but when it comes right down to it, when payment is due, suddenly we are not quite so eager to give what was promised. This is true for Dr. Faustus too, wherein he agreed to the deal he made with the devil, but as the time grew nearer to pay up, he began to have some reserves. An old man came to Faustus in an attempt to reason with him in an attempt to help him repent of his sins.…

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