Why English Is An Important Part Of The World 's Society Today

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Languages are becoming an increasingly important part of the world’s society today. Through the rise of technology and communication, the English language especially (among others) has progressively become more and more popular throughout the world. Yet some people have trouble learning even the world’s most widely spoken second language. (Bloomsbury International, 2013)
To understand ‘Why English is often described as one of the hardest languages to learn and how do different cultures value learning a different language?’ Interviews and surveys were carried out to find out how the Australian culture differs from other cultures in the way of valuing the learning of a different language, sport and education. Also research was conducted to discover how and why English is described as hard, how important learning a different language is and how long it takes to learn English versus another language.

How different is the Australian culture to cultures of other countries?
The Australian culture has many different aspects to it and even within Australia, in the different states, there will be certain traits that people living in one state will have compared to other states. But looking past the Australian borders, the Australian culture and the things that we may take pride in, can be radically different to cultures around the world. Upon watching an episode on the SBS program of Insight, it was realised that in different cultures and countries, there are different…

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