Why Employers Are Responsible For Their Employees ' Actions Essay

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This essay aims to briefly outline the reasoning as to why employers are responsible for their employees’ actions, as well as exploring numerous ideas that are either in favour or against vicarious liability. Firstly vicarious liability is responsibility “for the tort of others and it arises because there is a special relationship between the parties.“ This means that the individual who undertakes the act deemed as tort is still responsible but if the act is deemed as vicarious liability then so is another person. Vicarious liability is frequently used in the context of employment situations, and has a strict set of components that have to be met in order for an employer to be vicariously liable for a person; which will be examined throughout this essay.

Firstly, employers hire individuals for the benefit of themselves. The benefit is to increase the earnings of the business and to aid the day to day duties of the business to run as smoothly as possible. Therefore someone may argue that it is only fair that they take partial blame of the burden if an employee commits a tort and that when an employer hires an employee they take on a risk of having another person other than themselves perform day to day duties. On the other hand an employer may argue that employing an individual they are also benefitting; in exchange for their labor they are receiving a compensation package and a frequent wage. They may also argue that they have certain policies in place on training so…

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