Why Don 't More Americans Essay

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Why don’t more Americans seem to care about the potentially hazardous chemicals we are putting in our bodies via food? Jeremy Seifert, is one of the few Americans is interested and wants to learn more about how food is made. Jeremy travels the world filming a documentary called GMO OMG, that aims to figure out what GMO’s are. In the film, a GMO is defined as Genetically Modified Organisms, that result from laboratory processes where genes from the DNA of one species, are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. Jeremy is also a father of three young children and he got the idea to make this film because he had been seriously thinking about the food he and his family eat. In particular, he has been wondering about GMO’s because he has heard about them from time to time. Seifert’s documentary comes along at a time when the debate over GMO’s amongst consumers, biotechnology companies, the FDA, non-profit advocacy groups, farmers, and scientists is reaching a heated topic. At the beginning of the film, Seifert travels to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake destroyed the country. A biotech company called Monsanto offered Haitians tons and tons of seeds for the Haitians to plant. To Monsanto’s surprise, the Haitians were not pleased with their gift and instead burned the seeds they were given to protest against Monsanto. Seirfert and others, did not understand why a third world country would burn seeds that could help feed them.…

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