Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria Analysis

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Why does self-identification become important during adolescence? The realization, need for support and understanding, and defining academic achievement are important during the beginning stages of adolescence. Racial grouping is an important factor in identifying oneself in terms of race and ethnicity. As children enter adolescence they may go from being confident in themselves to being doubtful and uncertain.
Beverly Daniel Tatum says in her essay “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria,” children entering adolescence begin to explore their identity, while pointing out how Black children question themselves in terms of their race and ethnicity (Tatum 375). In the essay, Tatum explains the reasons and effects of racial grouping among Black students. She describes racial grouping as a safety net for support and understanding because all adolescents question their identity.
Carol Talbot says in her essay “To be young, gifted and black,” our history is reflected in our actions and attitudes, wherever interaction is between blacks and whites. At an early age destiny is ingrained in black children who are assumed to be very promising (Talbot).
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But for Black parents, helping their teens deal with the ordinary challenges can be particularly difficult when coupled with the complexities of growing up black in America” (Williams). An associate professor helped parents whose children were entering adolescence by talking to other parents who had experienced the stages of adolescence. “We don’t use black parents as experts enough. An unprepared child is a child at risk. Our stories of triumph are stories in which we have struggled. Those stories of triumph need to be told and retold again”

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