Essay on Why Does Race Still Matter? 2016?

1656 Words Mar 5th, 2016 7 Pages
Joshua Weg
Professor Guevara
POLS 197 (FRI 8-10:45AM)
3 March 2016
Why Does Race Still Matter?

2016 is going to make history again regardless of whoever is elected into office. This election, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 will not be fully enforced for the first time (Goodman). This leaves many people concerned about the possible disenfranchisement that can occur, especially for minorities. My thesis is that race is still matters because whites are interested in maintaining their power over non-whites. You can see this process of maintaining power all the way back to the establishment of America. There are instances of race relations that lead to political inequality. First we are going to address the distinctions between race and ethnicity. Race is a category or classification that distinguishes people based on their physical appearance, mainly skin-color (Shaw 6). Ethnicity distinguishes different people based on their “cultural practices or nationality or regional ancestry” (Shaw 10). For example, Italian (nationality: Italy) or Muslim (cultural practice: Islam) Now it is important to understand the difference between these two categories, because ethnicity is an identity that can be decided be the individual and others, while race “can only be decided of the other” (Shaw 11). This means that people in power like the whites can create clear distinctions between individuals based on the color of their skin. Essentially, the superiors can create a social construction…

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