Why Do You Think? Essay

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a) Why do you think is it important to put the bundles of asparagus in water? /1

It is important to put the bundles of asparagus in water. This is because the asparagus will wilt with its water source (the roots) removed. By putting the asparagus’ cut bottoms into water, water will be transported through its vascular tissue systems to the stems and leaves. Then, the asparagus will be able to photosynthesize with the water supply, sunlight, and carbon dioxide, and make food to function. Then, the meristematic regions of the asparagus (plant tips) will have undifferentiated cells to grow and divide, eventually allowing the plant grow and elongate (if the asparagus is kept in water for a long period of time).

b) Which tissues in plants transport water? /1

In a plant, the vascular tissue system is responsible for transporting water. It is consisted of phloem and xylem tissues that transport not only water but minerals and hormones throughout the plant as well. Xylem transports water and dissolved minerals up the roots, and phloem transports solutions of sugars produced by photosynthesis and other dissolved nutrients and hormones throughout the plant.

c) How many different types of plant tissues are there? /1

Plants have three tissue systems: dermal, vascular, and ground tissue systems. The dermal tissue system forms the outermost layer of a plant, the vascular tissue system provides transportation of water and nutrients throughout the plant, and the ground tissue…

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