Essay on Why Do We Love Disney Movies?

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Why do we love Disney Movies?

Disney is known for its wonderful perspective on the beauty of life. Since we were young, We’ve always found ourselves watching Disney movies. I remember the first time I watched “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” I fell completely in love with the movie, although I only watched the last 30 minutes of it, it was genius! Quasimodo, an outcast in society became the hero of the story, even the priest who is portrayed by society to be loving and compassionate towards all, wasn 't. The same people that mocked him and scorn him, were the ones that he risked his life for. This movie easily convinced me to join the Disney era. Sadly enough no matter how genuine and spot on the movie was, people still didn’t like it, but why? Many say that the movie was too dark, that children can 't watch it, the villain was too evil, and the characters was not attractive. But life isn’t all fun and games and people aren’t always how they seem. But since Disney aims only to please, they did with Hercules. Which is loved for its great animation and songs. Disney categorizes their movies with these ideas in mind; an incredible theme with stupendous music, astonishing animation scenes, all while making the movie as timeless as possible and targeting a wide range audience. So the question is why are some Disney movies more successful than others?

Walt Disney is the founder of all things Disney. Even at this time, his legacy continues to make him the most successful rewarded…

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