Essay about Why Do We Attend For The Things?

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Within my second blog post I want to answer two questions which Jennifer Good our professor proposed in lecture. She referenced two questions which Harold Innis, a well known historian asked. The first question was “why do we attend to the things to which we attend?” The second question she asked was “why should we care?” To break this down into more understandable terms I feel Harold is asking why do we focus on the things in which we focus on and why is this important to us?

“Why do we attend to the things in which we attend?”

The simple answer to this question in my opinion is agenda setting theory a quick history behind this theory, it was created by “Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw in 1972.” (Davie, G. (2011). This theory was first introduced to me in a communications class which I had taken in my second year, COMM 2F50, this class consisted of learning about various theories which related to different communication situations whether this be individual or group communication. The idea behind this theory is that the media has control over us as consumers through the sources which they present us and with that comes framing meaning that media outlets suggest the issues that we should be thinking about. They emphasize the issues which they feel are important and usually briefly touch upon issues which they believe to be not so important. The reason why this theory is so familiar to me is because I presented on this theory within my seminar. In order to better convey…

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