Why People Should Or Should Not Feed Wild Birds?

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What do you think? Do you think that people should or should not feed wild birds? In my personal opinion I believe that people should not feed wild birds. Everyone has there on opinion that is why they call it an opinion. Everyone will have a different feeling and that is fine. Some people may want to feed that wild birds and some people may not want to feed wild birds. In the passage " Stop feeding birds" it states, " Many people believe that they can do their part to help wildlife be providing food for wild birds. They believe it helps the birds become healthier and stronger and ensure's they have food during times of scarcity" The situation that is in the passage is totally your decision and totally up to you that is what you wanna do so if you wanna feed the birds you feed them if you do not want to feed them do not set food out and do not feed the wild bird. But …show more content…
They become independent like all wild birds should be. The WILD birds is not wild with humans feeding them when they are hungry. That is not what you are supposed to do and call a wild animal. And then when the birds have new babies that is what they will teach them instead of going on someone property to get food. They will be taught the right way and proper way to get food for them self. People should not feed birds for any reason possible. Apparently some people think that it helps the birds to feed them. But yet it really does not help them most the time all it does is kill them. Wild birds should stay where they belongs which is in the wild where all the other wild animals are. It is not the right thing to do. Like I have said more than a million of times wild birds are called wild birds for a reason. They are WILD birds they live in the wild and they are supposed to hunt in the wild. So there are a few reasons why I think people should not feed wild

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