Why Do I Love You Essay

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Why Do I Love You, Sir?-Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson was an innovative poet and ahead of her time because of her ideas. She changed how one views poetry because she viewed everything around as an equal. Her poem, “Why Do I Love You, Sir?” is a perfect example of one of her best poems. The poem’s theme is about love and describes the belief that love cannot be explained nor expressed in words. The speaker is evidently head over heels in love with the gentlemen mentioned and their love is bound in a way that cannot be expressed by words. Although Dickinson does not use many literary devices, she does include rhetorical devices such as personification, unconventional punctuation, and unconventional capitalization to express the speaker’s love for the man mentioned. In the first stanza, the speaker uses personification to represent her love in an abstract way. Because there is no firm answer, nature is personified as love. In the second line of the first stanza it states, “The wind does not require the grass to answer-wherefore when he pass she cannot keep her place”, meaning that her love for him requires no words just as the wind does not have to speak to the grass to understand her love. In essence, her emotions are uncontrollable. She is so madly in love with the man; she is unable to recoil herself and her emotions. They are beautiful stanzas because they demonstrate why love is part of life. Furthermore in the second stanza it states, “Because He knows-and Do not…

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