Essay about Why Do Habits That Are Unhealthy For Me?

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Thinking clearly, communicating ideas, creating positive relationships, and choosing greater health is part of life. Many learn some of these earlier than others; like communicating ideas, others are learned in later on in life. This week we discussed ways to use these ideas to help us become better students. One I will talk about is choosing greater health ;also how this entwines in my life and ways I try to keep myself healthy Knowing about your health is common sense to many people but knowing and doing are two different things. (Ellis,2013,p.125) I know what is healthy for my body and what’s not, but even though I do; I still choose to do habits that are unhealthy for me. Drinking soda is one unhealthy habit that I do all the time. Whenever I have an option of getting water to drink or drinking a nice cold glass of Dr. Pepper; I’ll choose to drink Dr. Pepper even though I know water will be healthier for me. I am not the only person in the world to choose an unhealthy habit over health. Many people like me do this every day whether it 's over getting a burger over a salad or chocolate over fruit. Choosing to drink pop, eat greasy food, and sitting down all day will catch up and hurt your health. Obesity in younger adults has tripled in numbers over the last three decades.(Ellis,2013,p.125) With obesity rising among young adults greatly, it has turned into a epidemic. Even though people know obesity will cause major complications later on in their life, they still…

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