Why Do Dreams Happen? Essay

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One of the questions humans have asked themselves throughout their existence is why do dreams happen and do they mean anything? The Mesopotamians believed that dreams were messages from the gods about the future, and the Egyptians believed the same. Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, thought that dreams are the purest form of wisdom, and that they can be used to predict the future. Another Greek philosopher named Hippocrates was one of the first people to believe that dreams indicated a person’s mental and physical health. There are so many theories, so what is the real reason why dreams occur? There are three main theories on why dreams happen. Sigmund Freud proposed that a person’s unconscious desires controlled dreams, Carl Jung theorized that dreams were a way to balance the wishes of the psyche and show possible images of the future, and the activation-synthesis theory states that dreams are how the brain makes sense of random PGO waves. Also, all three of these theories could be connected in a certain way.
To have a full understanding on the theories of why dreams happen, first a basic understanding of what dreams are is required. There is not a lot of research about dreams because they can be considered both physiological and psychological. Although dreams are often not remembered, everyone dreams about 4-6 times a night and each dream lasts for about 5-20 minuets (WebMD). Over a lifetime, about 6 years are spent dreaming. Although dreams can occur in any stage…

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