Why Do Conservatives Need Liberals And Vice Versa Raz Speaks Essay

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The purpose of these podcasts by Guy Raz is the need for tolerance both in the U.S and in the world. People need to not just have tolerance each other but collaborate with each other and respect their differences. In the first podcast titled, Why do Conservatives Need Liberals And Vice Versa Raz speaks to Arthur Brooks about the recent resurgence of intolerance sparked by known political figures like Donald Trump’s openly hostile comments about certain groups of people. This is also seen in the podcast, How Can Tourism Promote Peace In The Middle East where a man named Aziz Abu Sarah talks about his life experiences with tensions between Muslims and Jewish communities in Israel. Both of the speakers expressed their view on the differences of both groups but also how those same differences can bring them together and create positive change. Also, they both not only talk about current issues that not just face the U.S but worldwide where tolerance is one way to unify people rather than be divided.
The most important aspect of these viewpoints in the podcasts is the need to bring tolerance in American politics. The presidential elections have shown the great division between political parties such as the conservatives and liberals. In the podcast Arthur Brooks brings up the point that America is in a crisis where both parties believe on is right while the other is wrong. “…majority of Republicans and Democrats suffer from political motive asymmetry. A majority of our people in…

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