Why Did You Start Your Business? Essay

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1. Why did you start your business?
Mary: I had been working in department stores for about 15 years, I was lucky enough to work for many of those years with a wonderful old style corsetiere, who ensured I got the very best training. The time came for me to branch out on my own 35 years ago, giving me the opportunity to specialise even more.

Gillian: I bought Colleen 's two years ago when Colleen retired after starting the business 15 years ago. I saw it as a great opportunity to use my own experience of breast cancer to help other women and to bring as much choice as possible to their options for pocketed lingerie. Jenny: I had a fashion store and realised that women weren’t wearing the right foundations and their clothes weren’t working for them.

2. What changes have you seen? Mary: I have seen many changes, including the demise of the restrictive all cotton bra, the one with a little bit of “elastic” in the back, pointy seamed cups and solid straps. Available in short, 3/4 length and long. These were worn with old style side hook or lace up corsets. We progressed to more “elastic” then a wonderful invention by Dupont..... LYCRA.
Things had give, comfort and style, leading to the garments we know today.
Prosthesis when I started were sheep skin outer with a soft pocket on the back, that was filled with lanolin rich sheeps wool.
In the bottom of that pocket were some crystals for the weight, then anchored into a bra cup.
We then went to oil filled prosthesis,…

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