Essay on Why Did They Tease Them?

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Why did they tease them?
There were some boys in my school from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. They had darker skin and their eye where different than ours. I never teased, but one of my classmates thought it was funny and called them “black ass.” If I was to say something like that, my parents would have grounded me for a long time. But then, while I could see that they looked different I could not make a connection between them and the names they were called. At that time, I did not understand my classmate’s motives. After moving a lot, I was used to seeing people of different ethnicities. Soviet Union was a very diverse country.
Did you work in your teens’?
Yes, during the war many kids were send to work in field because a lot of men and women went to the front.
What did you usually do after school?
I liked to read and play with my friends outside. After school I attended a class were we would build radios and radio transmitters. During the weekends I liked spending time outdoors, by the river or in a park. During the summer months my parents would send me to a camp for about three weeks. I collected stamps and coins when I was in second grade. When I was a teen my parents would let me go camping with my classmates.
Did you ever get in to mischief?
There was one time when my older brother and I went to the river and took an old abandoned boat out on the river. The boat had holes in it and we started to sink. While my brother and I struggled to get back to shore, our friends…

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