Essay about Why Did Theu.s. Get Involved During World War I?

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World War I. Why did the U.S. get involved in World War I? Why was it a controversial war in America? Explain Wilson 's goals after the war. How successful was he?
The United States entered World War I on April 6, 1917. The United States maintained the status of neutrality, and President Woodrow Wilson attempted to be an intermediary between the warring parties. The countries of the Entente conducted mass purchases of the American raw materials for military industry, food and weapons, thus strongly promoted economic recovery of the USA. Military orders led to rapid growth of the American industry and construction of the powerful military navy. It is possible to assume that participation of the USA became some kind of preventive measure on attempts of Germany to shake stability in the western hemisphere. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany A. Zimmerman offered Mexico territories of the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona in exchange for support of actions of Germany.
The transition of Germany to the policy of unlimited submarine war against any courts which will go to ports of the Entente became a formal reason for the participation of the USA in the World War I. At first German submarine sank the British passenger ship “Falaba” than it was “Lusitania”, with American citizens on shipboard (Van Ells). Thus the reasons for the US entry into the War were: income from providing material assistance to the countries of the Entente; the desire to weaken Germany that in case of…

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