Why Did Edgar Allan Poe Influenced His Life

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Whether they focus on fiction or nonfiction, all authors can easily be identified by something that makes their writing stand apart from others and that something can almost always be drawn back to their life experiences. Edgar Allan Poe, one of these such authors, had much death and loss in his life that influenced the way he thought, things he wrote about, and how he wrote. Easily noticed in all of Poe’s works, his imagination is gargantuan and hyperactive. Seen throughout all of his pieces, this extremely active imagination leads to the especially dark and eerie tales that he is renowned for. Instead of just writing his stories down into one huge heap, every story is written down using complicated calculations. Edgar Allan Poe’s grief stricken life was the main influence for the extreme imagination, fantastic stories, and calculated formats found in his work. The life of Edgar Allan Poe influenced everything about his works. His life ended up being one disappointment followed by another. These tragedies started …show more content…
Once a reader has noticed that Poe made “subtle calculations,” they will realize that his poetry was indeed just one rather large calculation (Hannay 1). This calculation allowed Poe to use his style as a tool: instead of the style defining him, he defined the style, molding it so that it would work how he envisioned it (Baudelaire 497). One of the largest parts of Poe’s calculation and style were his complicated rhythms that accompany all of his best pieces (Baudelaire 497). Rhyming was another one of Poe’s favorite literary devices to bend according to his will; his use of rhyme is so notorious that Ralph Waldo Emerson even referred to him as “The Jingle Man” (McGann 120). No matter how much Poe imagines or how deranged the writing is, he always manages to calculate it all out into his own style of rhythm and

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