Why Democracy Is A Democracy

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The United States is considered a democracy. Anyone over eighteen is allowed to vote, and The U.S. is built on the idea of a government run by the people. The definition of a democracy is a government where the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them. Citizens in a democracy should be able to exercise their rights freely, and have a say in their government. Other countries such as Canada and Switzerland have a democratic government. there are differences in how the nation 's government works for many reasons, one being that Switzerland is much smaller than the U.S so they can do things the U.S, can not. However all the countries following a democratic government are run with similar values, that the people run …show more content…
U.S. research consistently shows that the people who vote tend to be white, partisan, and have a very good income. In contrast the people who don 't vote tend to be poor, non-white, and less educated. ( Andrew Nikiforuk ) This is a big problem for democracy because it means that the majority of the people running the government are rich so they are going to have different ideals than the poor people. This means that only a part of the U.S. being represented, and it is not a full democracy. According the the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics the amount of money a senate member has went up 4.4% and at least 268 of the 584 members were already millionaires. A democracy is a government run by majority, a government run by the people. The majority of U.S. citizens are not millionaires so the people are not being fairly represented in government. A millionaire is going to have different ideals and thoughts than a middle class person. From these stats one can conclude that the government is not being run by the people, or by the majority 's view, it is being run by a small group of rich people within the U.S. For the United States to truly be a democracy money needs to play a smaller role in government so every citizen has a fair opportunity to be part of government, and so the people running the government have similar views to the majority of the

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