Why College Stydents Shouldnt Use Credit Cards Essay

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College Students Shouldn’t Use Credit Cards

Thesis statement: Credit card companies lure college students with applications in the mail daily and advertisements causing them financial burdens. I. Responsible use of credit cards don’t exist A. “Half of college undergraduates have four or more credit cards” B. “Only seventeen percent said they regularly paid all cards each month” C. “Eighty-two percent carry balances and incurred finance charges” II. College students lack financial management A. “Students charge $2200 in direct education expenses” B. “Average undergrad carries $3173 in credit card debt, which is up forty-one percent from same study conducted in 2004” III. College students begin to
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I wanted to choose a way to persuade my readers using order of importance when explaining my reasoning to them. When presenting my audience with my thoughts, I wanted to start out by letting them know how credit card companies lure college students with advertisements in the mail and on television. Next, I wanted to present them with statistical facts to support the information that I am offering to them to make better choices. Including statistical data at the beginning of my essay, I believe will draw attention because it helps people to focus on what I am trying to persuade them to believe and it shows that I have researched my topic. Nobody wants to believe in something if there is no support to help persuade them. Lastly, I chose to present my audience with information on how negative things can happen from poor choices and what alternatives choices can be taken. When planning my paper, I set back and ask myself if someone was trying to persuade me to believe something what information would I want them to present me with, then I sorted my ideas and presented them to my audience in the way that I would want information presented to me. I believe that presenting my information in the order that I have chosen will set the tone for my paper and help to keep my audience interested in what they are reading because it starts out with how advertisements lure college students into using credit cards and ends in alternative measures

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