Essay about Why College Is Worth It

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Regarding the Worth of College
In this paper I will be arguing for why college is worth it. Worth in this context is going to be thought of in terms of quality of job, rid of debt at some point, and more options open to a person.
The reason for questioning why college would not be worth it is as follows: As price of school increases and jobs are not promised many students such as myself wonder if going to college is worth it. A four year degree alone can rack up debt. I have found completing a four year degree, in four years, for most majors requires the student being enrolled in 18 credit hours each semester to have meet all the requirements at the end of four years. Taking less credit hours would mean being in school and having more tuition to pay for more than four years. That leaves little breathing room and is a very heavy load. On top of being enrolled in 18 credit hours most students hold part time or full time jobs to support themselves. The time that needs to be devoted to each class becomes nearly impossible to meet with the added factor of work. Forget about having time to get 8 hours of sleep, or exercise, or make dinner. This is leading students to question why would you put yourself through that for what seems like nothing besides debt afterwards. With that being said I present to you my argument for why going to college is indeed worth it.
If a student’s debt takes ten years or less to pay back then going to college would be worth it. If the debt does take…

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